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We fight for all members' interests, and only members' interests. We are only about winning.

Fighting Fund

We will fight for our members on selective and tactical issues. We will win on behalf of all members. When WE win, we will ALL win.

Work Health and Safety

Members will receive our IR specialist's COVID-19 risk assessment (RA) for their workplace. Settled by Counsel, this RA is better than any bureaucrats' generic risk plan.


Offering down the track


Industrial Relations Advice Hotline

Receive advice directly from our industrial relations specialists to help you manage and run your workplace better.

Simple Workplace Agreements

A focus on family-owned, business-orientated individual & flexible workplace agreements for the mutual benefit of workers & owners. TBU workplace agreements will only ever be win win.

Fight Against Politicians

Relentlessly campaign against politicians who support bureaucratic burdens on businesses.

Now's the time for common sense.

The Business Union is a business and will operate like one. We will help you fight. And we will win.



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The Business Union (TBU) is a professional association of small and medium business owners', whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members.