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The Business Union (TBU) is for business owners who have had a gutful of officious bureaucrats and their mendacious political minions trying to win the next elections at our expense. 

Decades ago business owners looked to conservative political representatives and traditional industry associations, like Chambers of Commerce and the manufacturing trades groups, for protection. Back then, business owners were innocently unaware of the extent of collaboration between those industry groups and the bureaucrats. We now all know that organisations charging fees to represent businesses worked hand in glove with the bureaucrats to generate an encroaching tide of regulation. 

For two years our rulers have chanted ‘we are all in this together”. With countless businesses being crushed supposedly to protect the public from COVID-19, the bureaucrats were sent to work from home on full pay. None of them lost one cent, even while golfing or fishing.

The traditional defenders of business owners were shamefully absent. There was no concerted demand for the health evidence behind these monstrous atrocities against family business owners and their workers. Not one business organisation questioned decisions by our rulers to ban access by doctors to proven early treatments, and to indemnify vaccine manufacturers against all claims for compensation for harm done by their products raft of self-styled representatives of business instinctively took the side of the authoritarians against productive Australians. They all supported the border closures, and even when it was obvious that vaccines did not provide immunity, applauded the cruel loss of jobs inflicted upon the unvaccinated. With their directors safely insulated from the consequences of authoritarian policies, many major companies also weighed in against small business proprietors and employees.

On Monday 9 August 2021, a headline in The Guardian read: "Business wants states to mandate Covid jabs for staff after Scott Morrison vacates the field" - read article here.

While working from home or relaxing in their air-conditioned cocoons on guaranteed incomes, the faux representatives of business supported the destructive interference of Government into your business. They sold us all out. They supported ludicrous mask mandates. Where was the health evidence that said it was OK to drive 5km but not 6km? To be home before 7pm but not 10pm? If evidence for any of this ever existed we would have been shown it. Where were the voices demanding the evidence be produced? Silence and cowardice.

But this is now going to change.

What are we going to do?

We are going to help you take control. We have had two years of officious and damaging stuff-ups by the health bureaucrats and their political minions. It is now time for common sense business solutions from real business owners and their workers. The Business Union is a business and will operate like one. We will help you fight.

TBU has developed a first response to these stupid government rules about who can enter work, service or be a customer of your own business. We recommend the business members adopt provably safer protocols that make the COVID risk at that site lower than the government recommended methods. Members will get Barrister-settled risk assessment documents, low cost access to on-site testing equipment and rapid antigen testing protocols. Your business will be much safer than anything a bureaucrat could conceive.


Embrace the science

Enter at own risk. Vaccinated people present.

We are not saying “come in and kiss someone”, but they are telling us that the Omicron variant is mild and offers a much better resistance to the inevitable future strains of Covid than the far inferior resistance offered from vaccination of a past Covid variant. Common sense and good humour should prevail.

Boots on the ground

Be under no illusions. Business owners are in a fight for survival against the bureaucrats and their political minions. They need our taxes to pay for their cosy overpaid and underworked jobs. We have let them get an unprecedented control over our lives, where we can socialise and even where we can work. This has all got to be reversed and the digital systems that have been set-up need to be destroyed and never again allowed to be run or utilised by bureaucrats. We need to get rid of this political and bureaucratic pestilence.

The first step is to ask your loyal customers  for their support and create a mail out or contact list. So, if your business finds itself under attack by the bureaucrats, with our help, you'll be able to reach out to your "tribe"  for boots on the ground at your business site or to help fundraise to support any legal fight. 

Patriots first

Soldiers don’t actually carry flags into battle, but our ANZACs fought at Gallipoli and in France under the red ensign. They flogged them from the merchant ships that transported them over. It is the original fighting flag of Australia. It is the working people of Australia who we want as TBU members; those of you who are willing to stand up for your rights; those of you who take pride in this version of the Australian flag and its potent symbol.

What's in it for you? 

TBU Members will be supported every step of the way with access to the following services & support: 

  • Advocacy
  • Fighting Fund
  • Risk Assessment to apply to your workplace

The additional membership package starter pack includes:

  • Rapid Antigen Tests (RATS)
  • Contactless Infrared Thermometer
  • Face Shields
  • Australian Red Ensign Flag (small) - great to place at POS

Who are we?

The TBU has David Goodwin and Graeme Haycroft leading the way as TBU directors, and as the TBU project launched interstate they will be looking for successful no nonsense business people in each state who want to get together to run and profit from providing the services to their fellow state  businesses.

The TBU/RUSH support team will provide the necessary admin, legal and business services so that each state unit hits the ground running.

The Red Union Support Hub (RUSH) is the service organization and driving force behind the spectacular growth of the now nation wide Red Unions. They took on the ACTU and they won. No one believed anyone could ever do that. They broke the monopoly union model. Better service, half the fees, never backing down  and fighting for members when the traditional ACTU unions wouldn’t. They didn’t win every battle, but they won most and more importantly they fought every battle. It's in their genes to fight.

With north of 60 professional, legal and admin services staff, RUSH is now one of the biggest and best employment infrastructure and legal services support organisation in Australia. The others waffle whereas we fight.

Members interests are the first and only interests

The TBU would like to be apolitical but in the short term they have to be anti-political. The Labor Party is the A-team party of big bureaucracy intrusion into our lives and are least consistent and rational. They neither hate you or hold you in contempt, they just want their bureaucrats in your lives because it supports the bureaucrats jobs and careers, and ultimately their own jobs and careers. 

However the LNP, who once supported family businesses and their workers, have morphed into the B-team party of big bureaucracy. They simply hold you and your values in contempt. They don’t think that you have noticed that their leadership at both state and federal levels have been happy to stand aside silently whilst the Labor bureaucracy attacked you and your workers and your livelihoods. You used to be a core constituency for them. No point supporting them until their leadership changes and they demonstrate, repeatedly demonstrate, that they will purge the bureaucracy and let you run your own businesses.

No bureaucrat is going to be telling our members what the general public can or can’t do in their businesses.

No one is forced to be a customer of any business and no business owner should be forced to do the dirty work of bureaucrats. TBU members will set health standards for their own businesses higher than the irrational standards of our health bureaucrats

No party political contributions

Consistent with the TBU philosophy both major political parties are currently the enemy. TBU will make no party political donations in cash or kind to any political party. 

What do we stand for?

This is what we stand for and what we intend to do:

1. Run joint legal fights on key issues
2. Be vocal in the media
3. Defend our members from bureaucrats
4. We will coordinate funding for legal cases on behalf of our members

The Business Union was formed using the same team of industrial experts and lawyers that service the hugely successful NPAQ.


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